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15 December 2009 @ 11:22 pm
metallica's pretty hot ~ stamp app  

Name: Peppa
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Brief description of personality: Don't think I'm the same kind of person everyday, really; still growing, but for the most part, I'm eager to learn new things, and I'm helpful to those who need me. I'm generally viewed as 'unapproachable' or 'shy' because of my quietness, but people have expressed their surprise when they take the time to know me and figure out I'm really kind of awesome. I am also a smartass. And OH GOD I ramble too much
Likes/hobbies: Drawing, dancing when no one's looking, dancing when people are looking to embarrass them, the color green, nature, animals, reading, getting to know people, debating, aiding others, studying medicine and biology
Dislikes: Close-minded people, those that claim to hate what they do not understand; so, in short, ignorance. Ignorance breeds everything else.
Favorite color(s): Green!, purple, black.
Favorite place(s): I haven't been to many to offer much opinion, though I do love anywhere where it's warm and NOT humid. So sunny areas with little rain as possible. I probably bleed lava.
Favorite genre(s) (doesn't have to be exclusively metal): Rock/hard rock, various forms of metal (heavy/power metal come to mind)
Least favorite genre(s): Rap, 'new-age' country; the stuff from the 80s-90s is better than the cra p today. ;/
Lyrics or instrumental that describes you (link is optional): "I believe in angels.
Not the kind with wings,
no, not the kind with halos;
the kind that bring you home
when home becomes a strange place..."
~ Rise Against: The Good Left Undone

Let's say regardless of whether you have talent or not, you decided to join a band. What are your reasons for doing so? Two reasons: some of the money my band earns will go to helping out with wildlife and aiding animals in general, as well as funding humane medical research; and the other reason... I think I owe it to the bands that have so influenced me to give back some of that music that gave to me.
What genre would you band play? (doesn't have to be limited to metal) I think we'd be fairly experimental, unafraid of trying other genres, but probably staying in the rock-hard rock-metal range.
What would be your influences? Band-wise? Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Nightwish, Five Finger Death Punch.
What instrument would you play? Drums. Drums are like the heart of the band; beating and vibrating and supporting the rest of the instruments. If the drums don't fit, the song won't live. Excluding songs that do not have drums.
How many members are in your group and what are they like? Five, I believe, including me. As for what they're like... they shouldn't be afraid to change and adjust themselves when they need to. You can't stay obstinate and stubborn about everything. But they should also not sacrifice their morals if they believe in them, and shouldn't judge others for their beliefs, either. Basically? They would be easy-going, yet confident in themselves. :)
Are you the leader of your group, or is another member the one in charge, or a manager? Is there really a “leader” among a band? I wouldn't -start- a band, so I guess I wouldn't 'lead' in that sense, heh.
Come up with a name for your band. Then tell us why you chose that name. Greenblood. I like green and I like blood, in a sense. I've a one-track mind, or maybe it's my nature-loving-ness that's showing again.
What would the band logo be like? (If you can provide a picture of what it looks like, show it!) Would probably want a caduceus somehow incorporated...
What would the lyrics be about? Personal experiences. I don't believe we can sing about what we don't understand or don't really know about.
Do you see yourself getting along with your members? Using biological analogies is probably getting on your nerves lol, but I think in order for us to live, then yeah, we all need to work together and not be assholes all the time.

Love or hate: Both. Can't really be all SQUEE or GRR all the time, now can we? ;P
Quiet or loud: Quiet. Quiet people learn things. Loud people scare them away.
Calm or unstable: Er, instead of 'unstable' I probably would be more 'hyperactive,' but in this case I'll go with calm.
Mature or immature: Would hate to think I've already stopped maturing... erm, I'd say a bit of both?
Introverted or extroverted: Being extroverted all the time would mean presenting myself in a false light, yet being introverted constantly would be boring. Both.
Humble or arrogant: Humble.
Honest or dishonest: Honest.
Gullible or skeptical: Skeptical like whoa
Good or evil: Depends on what you think 'good' and 'evil' is. I'd like to think I'm morally correct, based upon my own morals, that is... I'd have to say neither, but if I could choose and it'd be right, then good.
Realistic or idealistic: Both. Realistic with the things I can achieve, idealistic with what I cannot.
Religious or atheistic: Based on the wise words my friend once said, your morals are basically your religion... your beliefs are that higher power, that “god” or those “gods.” Religion isn't simply belief in a higher deity or power, at least to me. To claim I am entirely without beliefs would be incorrect. Do I believe in a higher entity than I? I don't know. Would I like to? I don't think I would. I think I'm more comfortable with claiming that I'm agnostic, but... anyways.

What do you think of humanity as a whole? Eh, in my emo-teen days (which aren't fully over yet haha) I thought humanity was a waste of earth and air. I thought that I'd rather be born with the shorter lifespan, of maybe a butterfly, so I could beautiful in a small short life than ugly for a long, brutal one. Right now, and forevermore, I am devoted to animals and the cruelty they are subjected to... because I think they can't help themselves. I'm a rather lame knight-in-shining-armor, I suppose. Not to say I think humanity is completely 100% totally awesomeee, but, well, I think my choice of who I choose as my future patients (animals over humans) is what I'll end this with.
What is your outtake on life and death? To life: live it, stop wallowing in your misery-filled days since some don't even have enough time to be miserable. To death: bring it on, I'm not afraid, but I'm not leaving without influencing someone else's life so that their choices will not lead them to a worthless end. Death isn't taking me until I'm ready to let him inside my house. He can stand outside and knock for as long as he wants.
What is your opinion on love? It is what fuels me. It's what fuels everyone. It might be a love of someone else, a love of your job, food, a love of greed and power... It isn't necessarily a good thing in every sense, but it exists, and to claim you exist without it is impossible. Me... I love.
How would you deal with people that bother you? Typically the people who bother me must have done an incredibly stupid thing in the first place to merit any annoyment from me, since I forgive and forget. But if someone's on my nerves, or I cannot stand them, I keep to myself. Why encourage them? =P Why stoop to their level? Turn the other cheek, and if they slap it, then blink and keep going forward.
Does fame or money matter? For those that want it, let them have it. Unfortunately, money is what will help me to save animal lives in the future, so yes, it will matter for me to be able to support myself so I can support others. Fame, eh, I don't need fame. It's nice to be known, but even being known by one person would be enough for me.
What one thing would you wish you had? More time with my family, so I could tell them how much they mean to me.

Finally, include two recent applications you voted on:
1. I'm the first one omg
2. hi world
Emm: opeth - doorarchaic_sorrow on December 17th, 2009 12:41 am (UTC)
I'd vote you as alternative metal since that genre seems the most peaceful out of the current list and that your outlooks are generally moral. I could see some of those bands from that genre supporting animal rights and the environment as well.
skiesfirepaved on December 18th, 2009 06:01 pm (UTC)
I'm voting as alternative too, simply because I kept thinking of Fall Of Efrafa when I read this app, and alt. seems to be the closest tag the community has!