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16 December 2009 @ 05:10 pm
Old Metallica was better.  
If you were previously stamped, tell us which one it was and why it doesn't fit you so we won't vote you as that again: N/A

Name: Emma
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Brief description of personality: I'm very quiet and shy, but also cynical. I tend to be apathetic a lot of times. I hold grudges very easily, even if someone just annoys me slightly. People don't really know me as I am generally unapproachable, but they would be extremely surprised if I showed them just what kind of music I listen to. Don't judge a book by its cover.
Likes/hobbies: being alone, individuality, music, writing, reading, drawing, the occult/horror, fantasy, philosophy, video games, clothes with logos on them like Abercombie or Hollister since it makes me look like a walking advertisement (but I have no objection to band t-shirts of course)
Dislikes: insects, extreme weather, hugs, large crowds, society, people in general, conformity, people that push their beliefs on others
Favorite color(s): Black, dark grey, faded turquoise, crimson, gold
Favorite place(s): Europe (especially England, Germany, most of Scandinavia), Russia
Favorite genre(s) (doesn't have to be exclusively metal): Black metal, thrash metal, death metal
Least favorite genre(s): Rap, hip-hop, country
Lyrics or instrumental that describes you (link is optional):

I think this is as close as I can get. Haha, don't worry, it's entirely instrumental. No screaming or anything like that. It is a cover of Metallica, and this cello version of it fits me more than the original one. The original song had lyrics which were quite fitting of me as well - being true to yourself.

Let's say regardless of whether you have talent or not, you decided to join a band. What are your reasons for doing so? If I were to join one, it's because I have a huge passion for music and nothing else.
What genre would you band play? (doesn't have to be limited to metal) Hmm...well, since I have to coexist with band members, we'd probably play thrash or death metal or a mixture of both, with slight black metal tendencies.
What would be your influences? A whole lot. Black metal influences in particular, like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Bathory, and Burzum. And thrash and death metal as well, like Behemoth, Slayer, or Sodom.
What instrument would you play? Believe it or not, but I can actually see myself as a vocalist. Except not doing normal singing, more like deep growling mixed with some occasional shrieking. I'm rather shy when it comes to my normal talking voice. I can also see myself having a secondary role in lead electric guitar or drums. And I'd take general charge of writing the lyrics because my band members would be impressed by my dark writing.
How many members are in your group and what are they like? 4, including myself. They'd be pretty cool with everything and have a kind of extroverted personality. I could also imagine them to be the rockers from my high school since they're the only people that have an interest in louder music. They wouldn't really have much of an interest in black metal, sadly, but they'd have influences from punk and thrash metal since I know that the rockers from my school like bands from those genres.
Are you the leader of your group, or is another member the one in charge, or a manager? I'd definitely not be the leader. Probably the guitarist would be the one in charge or if we get famous enough, a manager would take over. But regardless, I'd try to speak up and not let the manager completely run the band. Otherwise, we wouldn't be true to ourselves anymore.
Come up with a name for your band. Then tell us why you chose that name. Oh boy. I've come up with a lot of band names ever since I got into metal. A suitable one for my band would probably be Megalodon or Bloodthroat, because we're just so aggressive like that.
What would the band logo be like? (If you can provide a picture of what it looks like, show it!) It'd be something like the Darkthrone or Mayhem logo, all illegible and all over the place.
What would the lyrics be about? Death, war, rebellion, depressive feelings, or even satanic subjects, because I'm writing them and expressing my feelings in it. I know there'd definitely be nothing too silly, like swear words. I'd crack up whenever I'd have to sing them. lol
Do you see yourself getting along with your members? My members would be pretty indifferent to me since I would still keep a distance from them.

Love or hate: Both. I don't like to love too much because it always has a way to backfire in the end. But on the other hand, hate is irrational, even though I do a lot of hating sometimes.
Quiet or loud: Definitely quiet.
Calm or unstable: In-between. I can be really calm one day and then hyperactive for no reason the next day.
Mature or immature: In-between. I can be really silly over nothing sometimes, but I can get serious for the right times.
Introverted or extroverted: Introverted.
Humble or arrogant: Slightly humble. But I can get prideful over certain things.
Honest or dishonest: Honest. I don't lie about myself because I wouldn't be me anymore.
Gullible or skeptical: Slightly skeptical. I'm distrustful of many things, but I tend to let my guard down occasionally.
Good or evil: In-between. I'd say I'm neutral, according to a few "alignment" tests I took. It's usually because I'm overall an apathetic person. Granted, I do have some views that could be construed as "evil", but I don't consider myself as a self-righteous villain.
Realistic or idealistic: Realistic. I do have crazy ideas, but I usually just say that they'd never come true.
Religious or atheistic: Not really sure, so I'd say agnostic. I wouldn't consider myself part of any religion, but I can't help but wonder sometimes if we really were created by higher beings.

What do you think of humanity as a whole? Ultimately selfish and not worth saving. I know people have done really good things for the better of everything, but the terrible deeds really outweigh them. I care about some individuals, but not everyone.
What is your outtake on life and death? Life has in the very, VERY end, little value if at all. Not to say that I am emo or miserable. You could sum up my views as nihilistic. I guess that comes from my not minding dullness in my life and my disliking of society. I don't know what lies beyond death, but I have no fear of it. In fact, I see it as being devoid of all consciousness and emotions, good and bad, and therefore at eternal peace. Or there might be an afterlife, or as I see it, a whole new adventure. You could say that I'm a bit excited about finding out what happens after death.
What is your opinion on love? Love's complicated, that's for sure. Don't let it run too deep, that'd be my advice.
How would you deal with people that bother you? Ignore them altogether or act passive-aggressive to them.
Does fame or money matter? Money's kinda tempting...but not really. I mean, you can't be successful with a band without SOME fame and money, but I don't want to become too famous. Then I'd be more likely to fall prey to bossy managers and record companies forcing my band to change their style of music, and that's when the band will go downhill. It has happened to some of my favorite bands, and I don't intend on letting the same mistake happen to my band.
What one thing would you wish you had? To be less shy. Enough so that I won't have a problem with public speaking or talking in general. Shyness is like, the one thing in my life that really messes me up. If I had more personality, I'd be able to shift my life to a better and more friendly future. My French substitute teacher once said that we have the power to choose anything we want to do. I suppose that's true and in the future I'd try to open up to more people slowly, one step at a time.

Finally, include two recent applications you voted on:
1. http://community.livejournal.com/metal_stamps/1399.html#cutid1
2. N/A
Current Music: Iron Maiden - "Fear of the Dark"
Peppa: UnSun - whispers of the pastchetore on December 18th, 2009 03:06 am (UTC)
I'm feeling a strong vibe of gothic metal for you, definitely. Gothic metal makes death seem almost beautiful and wistful in a way, and you seem to be quite fascinated with the afterlife and death in general. It fits well :D
skiesfirepaved on December 18th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
I dunno ... I'm getting a bit of an apathetic vibe here. I'm torn between black and doom metal ... but I think I'll go with the latter, due to your view on humanity and nihilism.