Metal Stamps

Which metal genre do you resemble the most?

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This is a community where members are judged by other members based on which genre of metal resembles them the most. Adhere to the rules or prepare to be punished. Please note this is NOT an elitist community as we're accepting of all metal genres, whether they're "considered" metal or not. Stamps will be made by archaic_sorrow as needed. If you want to link back to this community somewhere, you're more than welcome to do so. Have fun!
- your mods, archaic_sorrow & gleek_boy

1. Vote on at least two applications if possible and include the links in your application.
2. Fill out the form (click here). Please fill it out as much as you can, as it'll give members more insight on who you are.
3. Include something about Metallica in the subject line.
4. It'd be nice but not necessary if you could tag your entry as "!needs votes". It'll save people less time to search for and vote on your application.
5. You must have at least 5 votes of the same genre to be stamped by a mod.
6. After you're stamped, please continue to vote on other applications to keep the community going!
7. If you TyPe 1yKe DiS!@$#, don't bother coming here.
8. No insulting other members please! We all have different taste in music, but try to be mature about this, okay?
9. Don't botch your application to make it sound like a certain genre, because that's just dishonest.
10. Sheep voting is strongly discouraged, but it is okay if you agree with previous voters. That said, please give an explanation of your vote. It doesn't have to be too long.
11. Your vote must be bolded! To do this, use this format: <*b>text<*/b> (remove asterisks and replace text with your vote). Also, you can only vote for 1 genre.
12. You may reapply as many times as you like if you disagree with your stamp. Just make sure to fill in the necessary fields in the application about re-stamping.
13. If you can, upload your stamps to your own server (TinyPic, Photobucket, etc.). This saves the mod's bandwidth and makes our lives easier.

NOTE: You may only apply for themes when you've been stamped in your regular application!
A list of current themes will be listed here. As soon as we gather about 50 members, the first theme will be available!